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ABU's Balloon Buddies Soar High In Our Fuzziest Release Yet, TinyTails!

ABUniverse led the way in pioneering positional printed diapers for the ABDL community. Now we are proud to announce our newest release, a Furry-themed diaper with a super colorful and playful design that will send your spirits soaring! Tiny Tails is our first positional printed diaper with a plastic backing. The characters are by Aito, a renowned Furry artist who also created the beloved PeekABU designs.

The fun starts with the package, our first ever with an immersive all-over printed design. It features fun details and games, sure to push your little buttons and make diaper changes even more fun.

TinyTails fits just like our popular LittlePawz and Space diapers, but with some awesome enhancements. A new soft plastic backing selected specifically for its sensory qualities, calming as it caresses your skin. An incredible boosted core with 7,500ml capacity and quick wicking that keeps you feeling dry, even under the soggiest conditions. And our tallest leak guards ever, which offer protection like never before, and make it perfect for pairing with boosters!

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